A HOUSEHOLD has shared a simple way to get rid of mosquitos from your home

The warmer months bring another, less welcome guest - swarms of mosquitos that just wouldn't leave you alone

Fortunately, as annoying as these pesky insects can be, there are also numerous natural methods to banish them

All people need to keep mosquitos at bay are seven to eight cloves and one garlic. "Peel the garlic and insert the cloves in the garlic."

Then simply put it where you've noticed mosquitos hide the most frequently, the whizz recommended

Those who had given the trick a go were so impressed with how well it had performed, they took it to comments to share their positive feedback

But whilst many claimed it had worked for them, not everyone had a good review to give, as one revealed the trick didn't work ''100 per cent''

Offering a helping hand, some also revealed how they tackle this issue and what natural methods have worked for them