Not an edible would react quickly in an individual on the first trial

When edibles are consumed, the food material, as well as the cannabis, has to be digested and broken down in the stomach

For example, if you consume about 7 mg of edibles regularly, at a point, it might not give you the expected strong results

Some edibles kick in faster than others. Edibles such as infused beverages, baked goods, and gummies take about 50 to 60 minutes to hit

At the end of the day, the delivery rate is mainly dependent on the user’s rate of metabolism and body weight

Sublinguals are edibles you can place on or beneath your tongue. Use lozenges, lollipops, mint strips, or tinctures; these allow the THC to quickly enter your bloodstream

Cannabis- Infused beverages and other drinkables go through the normal digestive system cycle

This is one of the surest tricks to make an edible hit faster. When you consume edibles alone on an empty stomach