Most of us who own a car, rely on it, and car maintenance is also a expenditure

Have you noticed how cloudy the headlights get on your car? We have the perfect DIY solution: Toothpaste! Get your dazzle on with this fix

If you are trying to unlock or lock the car and you are just slightly too far away from it for the key fob to work

If you are driving to work in the morning and the screen and windows are all fogged up, blurring your view, simply get your air conditioner on full blast and you will soon see the road again clearly

A sunshade is great for keeping your car cool in the summer, making those first moments in the car on a hot summer’s day much more bearable

For a temporary solution that comfortably buys you time, apply a generous amount of the clear nail polish to the fractures as soon as possible

Other tips for de-icing the lock are applying WD-40, using a lighter to warm the key, or for more effort, breathing warm air onto the handle

The conditioner is actually also great for making the paint smooth and silky, just dilute it with water and rub in, leave on for five minutes or so and then wash it off