New evidence suggests Google may be bringing some Pixel-exclusive features to non-Pixel phones

Some recent examples that come to mind include the Locked Folders feature in Google Photos and Heads-up in Digital Wellbeing

9to5Google did some digging around in the latest version of Google’s Personal Safety app that’s only available on Pixel phones

It found that some features from the app, particularly car crash detection, crisis alerts, and safety check, may be headed to non-Pixel phones

The Personal Safety app on Pixel phones is designed to help users in emergency situations. Car crash detection is one of its most helpful features

Safety check lets people set a check-in timer for their phone to confirm they’re safe. If they don’t respond, emergency sharing automatically starts

These changes indicate that the safety features could soon step out of Pixel phones and become available more widely

It’s unclear how Google will distribute the features to other Android phones, though. The code suggests they might be made available through Google Play Services