30 to 60 minutes every week independent of aerobic exercise can reduce risk of death

The analysis however indicates a J-shaped curve for the majority of outcomes, without any conclusive evidence

Participating in muscle-strengthening activities regularly, mainly due to the known skeletal muscle health benefits

Examples of these activities include resistance band workouts; weightlifting; squats, sit-ups, and push-ups; as well as heavy gardening such as shoveling and digging

The analysis of the pooled data revealed that muscle-strengthening activities were linked to a 10 to17% reduction in risk of dying from any cause

No link was found between muscle strengthening and a reduction in risk of specific cancer types, such as bladder, kidney, bowel, or pancreatic cancer

An L-shaped relationship was seen for diabetes, with a large reduction in risk with muscle-strengthening activities of up to 60 minutes a week

An analysis of aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities combined revealed that the risk of death reduction