I always take two napkins while eating: One for wiping my face and the other for wiping my nose

If, like me, you also experience a runny nose when you eat, there’s a medical term for the condition. It’s called gustatory rhinitis

The heat or spice triggers mucosal cells that are lining the nasal passages to activate and stimulate mucus production

Common foods that may trigger your nose to run when you eat include “hot chili peppers, red cayenne, Tabasco sauce, onion and chili

The three other types of gustatory rhinitis—post-traumatic, post-surgical and gustatory rhinorrhea associated with cranial nerve neuropathy

Gustatory rhinitis occurs because of an allergy, it actually isn’t, and this is important to note because it means that treatment is different

You would not take the usual allergy medications for this problem, however there is an effective nasal spray called nasal ipratropium

This prescription medicine is available in 0.3% or 0.6% solutions [and] relieves a runny nose