They smell good and help us relax but could pose some skin woes

Plenty of factors can lead to a restless sleep, whether it be what you ate during the day or what pillow you’re using

These water-based fragrance sprays seem to be an extension of aromatherapy methods

But the more I read and explored various products, I wondered if pillow mist has any actual benefits for falling asleep, or if it's all placebo

A pillow mist is basically perfume for your pillow. The spray contains fragrances many associate with relaxation and sleep, the most prominent being lavender

Some pillow mists contain ingredients beyond natural essential oils and scents. It’s best to avoid those mists, especially if you don’t recognize the ingredients

Likewise, some brands have concocted their own blends for pillow mists with unnatural or unusually strong ingredients

Similar to other methods that encourage sleep, using pillow mists constantly shouldn’t be considered an absolute solution, says Xu