In gyms across the land, there lives a powder beloved by bodybuilders

Derived from the whey part of milk, whey protein is a common supplement for people looking to boost their protein levels

Once a niche product only used by those in the know in the fitness industry, these days the whey protein market is unstoppable

But as with any relatively new food product on the market, there's a natural curiosity about what consuming whey protein actually does

Some people may well be wondering what's happening with all of those powders and supplements once they make their way to your belly

One interesting effect of taking whey protein is its potential reduction of inflammation throughout the body, according to research published in Nutrients

The meta-analysis looked at the impact of whey protein supplementation on C-reactive protein (or CRP) levels in participants' bodies

One unfortunate side effect of taking whey protein could be its increase in gas production, resulting in more flatulence and bloating, according to Men's Health