PARENTS have been urged to keep their little one's sleep environment 'bare'

Medics state that babies should sleep on their backs and avoid bed-sharing under any circumstances

In the US, around 3,500 infants die, with numbers remaining flat since the 1990s after a large safe-sleeping campaign was launched

It's not clear why some babies die of the condition, but there is guidance in place which can help prevent it

Babies should always sleep in a crib or bassinet, on their back, without soft toys, pillows, blankets or other bedding

Many parents may chose to share a bed with their child, to help breastfeed or because of cultural preferences, this actually puts baby in danger

Recommendations state that a baby should sleep on a flat surface, which is not inclined.

Tummy time is the way to encourage a baby to get moving and start building the strong muscles in their upper body