My Hero Academia's manga is now in the midst of the final war between the heroes and villains

The newest chapter of the series is kicking things into high gear by showing off some of Katsuki Bakugo's new heavy artillery hero gear!

The latest chapters of the series have been working fans through the second phase of the final war as the heroes have been facing off against All For One

With the previous chapter of the series reaching a very intense cliffhanger, the series has decided to swerve fans and switch the focus back to the fight against Tomura Shigaraki

The other heroes were doing their best to dodge Shigaraki's decay quirk as he morphed his hands into a giant blob like mess and threatened to destroy everything

Chapter 358 of My Hero Academia sees Shigaraki continuing to send out massive waves of his morphing hands in order to catch the heroes

Bakugo then reveals that he had asked the Support Course for some extra gear, and had stocked up enough sweat to use it properly

In order to wear him out and expose the main body, Bakugo is using this new gear to get close as quickly as possible