“I changed my mentality about what it would take to lose weight,” Martinez said

Juan Martinez can point to the exact day he knew he had to change his life. It was July 18, 2021

He and his wife had decided to separate, and that was the day she and their 16-year-old daughter packed up and moved to California. He felt suicidal

Martinez knew he needed to lose weight and improve his health — he was prediabetic and had high blood pressure

Martinez loves how walking supports both his physical and mental health. “I’ll usually have talks with myself and evaluate my week when I walk”

It’s about building the habit. I’ve been sedentary most of my adult life, and I want to build those habits that will lead to that change that I want

Martinez works in a movie theater, so it’s easy for him to reach for sugary drinks. He’s replaced soda with water, though

Martinez has dropped 50 pounds and now weighs 260. He said, “I’m in 44 pants now, but I’m on the brink of 42, maybe even 40!”