70% of lottery winners end up broke and a third go on to declare bankruptcy

Making money is not that easy. You need to work 8 hours a day for a full month to get your monthly salary

When you get obsessed with buying fancy things just for the sake of gaining admiration from other people, you are wasting your money

Whenever you buy expensive gadgets and show them to your friends, they start admiring the expensive things, but not you

When you invest in a new asset or cryptocurrency just because it is in trend, you don't understand the amount of risk that you are taking

Some people keep gambling all their money in hopes of a big win until all their money gets finished

When you invest a lot of your money into something just because it is in the hype, you could lose all of your invested amounts

Whenever an addicted person gets a lot of money, it would be a smarter decision for them to use their money on getting rid of their addictions