Lady Gaga Tipped to Play Harley Quinn In ‘Joker 2,’ Little Monsters Can’t Handle It

A deal hasn’t yet been made, but The Hollywood Reporter reports tonight that Lady Gaga is in early talks to join Todd Phillips‘ sequel Joker

Joaquin Phoenix is expected to return in the sequel as Arthur Fleck/Joker, with the film’s version of Harley Quinn

 A sequel to the hit, billion-dollar movie had not yet been confirmed, but director Todd Phillips posted an image of the script's front page

A new report claims the actress behind Harley Quinn in the new movie has been found - and she will be played by a Grammy Award-winning

Gaga is of course known for her expansive pop career, but in the last decade, she has been building her acting career

She made a splash in the Oscar-winning A Star Is Born as the main protagonist, and most recently made her mark on the semi-biopic movie

This would be a separate version of the character that Margot Robbie has diligently been portraying for years