KIM Kardashian's real skin has been revealed in rare unedited photos

The reality star's fans said they found it "refreshing" to see her minor blemishes and under-eye wrinkles in professionally taken snaps

Close-up photos of her face from her TV appearance were shared by fans on Reddit on Wednesday

While Kim still looked stunning, the reality star was noticeably less airbrushed and pore-free than in her social media photos

Fans urged the mother-of-four to ditch her "heavy" foundation, which they claimed settled in her "wrinkles"

If she would do a more natural look without all the caked-on foundation I think she would look so much better

Another added: "So refreshing to see a real photo! That color match though... her neck is rough."

A third posted: "I just can’t believe the reach of their photoshopping. It’s evident even seemingly natural photos are edited."