We can’t change what we are, but we can change the way we think

There are some things we can never change about ourselves, like our ethnicity, our height, and our mother tongue

We go through many realizations as we progress through our lives. Some of us see those realizations too late sometimes

Sometimes you have to admit that you are the toxic one. You have to realize it when you are on the wrong side

Words are not the only form of communication. There are many other things to consider before relying only on words

Looking back in life, the things you will regret the most are not your failures, but the words left unspoken

If you keep procrastinating things, a lot of time will get wasted. You will not even realize how much time you wasted due to your procrastination

When you believe in yourself, no one could do anything to bring you down. Words of discouragement can never bring you down