Keeping your pet’s coat and skin in tip top condition is an important part

Along with a regular skin care regime and choosing the right shampoo for your dog’s skin type you can easily keep them looking

The first step to maintaining is healthy coat is regular brushing. It give you the opportunity to check the skin regularly

To get the best results from bathing your dog think about how often you should bath them and what shampoo you choose

Make sure you have a non-slip surface in the bath, perhaps use a towel or bath mat, which will help to relax the pet

Ideally there should be two applications of shampoo, with a thorough rinse in between

How often you shampoo your dog will depend on the skin condition; every 2 weeks is adequate if your dog doesn’t have a skin condition

Dry your dog with a towel, not a hairdryer and given them a comb or a brush once they are dry