Take a multi-pronged approach if you're experiencing excess dryness

Your skin care routine might be hurting more than it is helping; products with a high alcohol content

Chances are, if your skin is feeling dry and tight after washing, you likely need to change your cleanser during the winter months,

When you induce warm temperatures via hot showers, it sends a signal to your skin to sweat to cool down, and you lose hydration status

Whether you live in a dry climate or have high artificial heat pumping through your home or office, a humidifier—we like Canopy's model is a must

Diet definitely plays a role in skin hydration and health, Foods with higher water contents, such as fruits and veggies, can help the body store water

Your body is made up of 70-percent water," he reminds us, adding that overnight, you lose about one glass of water just by breathing

You need to prepare your skin for adverse conditions by wearing appropriate skin coverage and thicker moisturizers