Meeting your baby for the first time is an experience unlike any other

But once the magic of the moment starts to wear off, many new moms are left in stressful–yet still joyful– confusion

One TikTok equestrian, @charlottejameseventing, recorded these funny first moments between mom and foal

Mother Moonbat the horse had just welcomed Buzz into the world, though her motherly instincts had yet to kick in

Moonbat's reaction to her foal's first movements is super cute and funny, but also incredibly relatable

Having a baby is a huge deal no matter what species you are, and between the adrenaline and exhaustion lie a whole lot of feelings...including confusion!

Commenter @thatbarnbetch can relate. She wrote, "I felt the same way for a minute after I had my daughter

Honestly, though, the rush of emotions and confusion in new parenthood knows no limits of gender, age, or even species