You can smash a fantastic glute workout right at home with just a few dumbbells

Leg Pump With Dumbbell: Do 15 to 20 reps with one dumbbell. Hold the last set for a 10 count

Lying on your back, place the soles of your shoes together as your knees face outward. Scoot your booty as close to your feet as possible

Be sure to squeeze your booty and concentrate on activating those muscles. After you complete your reps, hold the last rep and squeeze for 10 seconds

Single-Leg Hip Thruster: For this exercise, you will be using the entire back of your legs to strengthen those muscles

Side Squat Lunge With Dumbbells: This exercise activates all glute muscles at the same time! Place one foot below your shoulder as if you are going to drop into a squat

Single-Leg Lunge With Dumbbells: This is the ultimate exercise to lift that booty. It packs way more punch by completely isolating the hamstring-glute tie

Lunge Squat Lunge With Dumbbells: Start in a lunge position with one dumbbell on each side on your leg