Inflammation in our bodies is one of those topics that can get complicated

That's because our bodies need it to fight sickness and disease, but too much of it can have detrimental effects on our health

For example, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, obesity, chronic stress , and lack of physical activity all have the potential to increase inflammation

When your immune system is constantly in work mode, it can contribute to several health conditions including asthma, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, and heart disease

Since stress is a primary cause of inflammation, finding a way to eliminate it from your life is a good first step, according to the Cleveland Clinic

One way to do this is with yoga . This ancient practice is about stretching and relaxing the body and calming the mind, two things that naturally reduce tension

You probably know that walking has numerous benefits, and you can add fighting inflammation to that list. In fact, a short 20-minute walk may be enough

Biking is another way to fight inflammation. You can bike outside or ride a stationary bike indoors. Either way, when you pedal it out