Super Hero has kept fans nervous for a while, but ultimately the movie is here

Fans in Japan can watch the anime comeback in theaters after a brief delay earlier this year

Of course, this means details about the movie have started filtering online ahead of its international debut

Earlier this weekend, fans were promised a special post-credits scene after executive producer Akio Iyoku prepped fans in a tweet

The creative said the team "did something special with the closing credits" and encouraged fans to stay in the theaters until the very, very end

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero does have one post-credits scene that fans will have to wait for. However, the clip is definitely worth it

As Broly watches from the sidelines, Vegeta gets the upper hand against Goku and legitimately beats him in a fight

After all, the scene in question follows Goku and Vegeta as the pair finish a spar far away from Earth