YOUR Alexa is listening in on your chats – even if you HAVEN'T asked her to

Thankfully it's not a nefarious plot to spy on you, but you'll want to check what she's been hearing regardless

However, Alexa will sometimes record you without your knowledge, because she thought you said her name

Alexa's tendency to accidentally tune in on your chats creates a privacy nightmare, because Amazon sometimes sends those voice clips off to humans

Alexa will always light up with a blue ring when she's recording speech. But it's easy not to notice this – so checking your Alexa app voice logs is very important

Alexa records snippets of everything you say to her, so you'll have loads of audio files in your app

To delete audio recordings, individually tap on the empty boxes next to each recording to "tick" them

If you just want to delete recordings for a specific speaker, you can tap Filter By Device and choose the exact Alexa gadget you're looking for