You don't need to have had lash extensions to use a lash serum regularly, of course

In my quest for longer, fluttery lashes, one of my former addictions was getting lash extensions

The term lash growth serum is a tad misleading because the only FDA-approved treatment for lash growth is Latisse

If you're not ready to make a prescription-level commitment, no worries—that doesn't mean there's no point in using an OTC option

Most of the lash serums that work have a prostaglandin derivative in them that elongates the anagen (growth) phase of the lash

While we tend to worry most about this happening on our heads, the reality is that it affects our lashes and eyebrows as well

The ingredients in eyelash serums do many things—they serve to supplement the hair with what it needs to grow effectively

There are natural lash serums, which of course use only natural ingredients, and serums that are not 100% natural, which contain lab-made ingredients