Chris Evans shared a preview of his puppy interview with BuzzFeed

The outlet famously gets stars to answer questions while being mobbed with dogs

Fans love it, especially the more tender moments. There haven't been many celebs who have enjoyed their time with the doggos than Chris Evans

The former Captain America is taking to the stars in Lightyear next week. But, before he can bring Buzz Lightyear into the future

He takes it all in stride and keeps coming back for more. It's hard to tell who benefits more from these love tests, the Marvel star or his fans

At any rate, there's a big love bomb brewing whenever BuzzFeed decides to grace the Internet with the video check out the first little teaser

In a recent interview, Evans told fans that it was hard to find the right balance as Buzz Lightyear at first

Variety heard that his first couple of attempts were basically Tim Allen impersonations. But, the Gray Man star figured out his own tempo