Choosing the right yoga mat for you is one of the most important factors for your practice

You can check out our best yoga mat guide to get started, but it's important not to pick up a cheap, off-brand yoga mat to slip and slide

Likewise, in the current cost of living crisis, you also don’t want to pay hundreds and not feel supported as you move through your flow

The material of the mat is of course important, while this will also contribute to the grip of the mat too

The thickness of the mat can help when come to stability and comfort off different practices, while some styles and patterns can give you guidance

Yoga mats come in all shapes and sizes, while when it comes to the material used they’re not all the same 

PVC mats are cheaper, as the material is more widely available, while they are also lighter, so easier to carry around

The material is also easy to wipe down after a sweaty session, and can be less slippery - so perfect for a hot yoga session