Meditation, as a religious practice or mystic experience, may be as old as humanity

While much of the work is preliminary, what researchers have learned about potential health benefits has them eager to learn more

"Interest in meditation is vast—and is deep," said Dr. Prab Nijjar, a cardiologist and assistant professor 

Nijjar, who has led studies related to meditation and the heart, cautions that "there's probably more that we don't know than we know" about meditation's benefits

"There's all different types of meditation and mindfulness-informed practices," said Karen Saban, a professor at Loyola Universit

The 2017 AHA scientific statement said no conclusions could be drawn as to the effectiveness of meditation to prevent heart disease

"It sounds easy, but it's very difficult to sit quietly and not let your mind wander all over the place," she said

It's something that they can do that they have control over. And you can do it just about anywhere