Deadpool 3 Writers Explain Why Ryan Reynolds' Sequel Is Taking So Long

With each day that passes, it's increasingly likely Deadpool 3 won't enter theaters for at least another two years

Marvel already has three films in the hopper for 2023 and has just one more date open for the year, which will likely go to Blade

When asked what's taking them so long to get the movie out the door, Deadpool 3 scribe Rhett Reese said they're trying to make it the best film in the trilogy

"We're in the laboratory working on it with Ryan Reynolds all the time, and we're very much entertaining ourselves."

But you know, it's a marriage between Fox and Disney and it's two different universes and it's not easy

But it's also a wonderful challenge and, you know, high-class problems to be able to merge those, those worlds. So, we're, we're enjoying it."

"Obviously, it's like, it's two completely different regimes, right? So, it's two different bureaucracies," he continued