Kissing comes with risks. You might fall in love, catch a cold, or be grossed out by bad breath

Cavities are caused by the bacteria that naturally form around your teeth and on your gums. Regular cleanings and good oral hygiene keeps that bacteria in check

The truth is, you can technically catch a cavity from someone else through kissing and even other ways

However, the problem isn’t necessarily the cavity itself but rather the bacteria that may have caused that cavity in the first place

You see, we all have millions of bacteria in our mouths and a few dozen different types. Some of these bacteria are good and can benefit oral health

Others, such as Streptococcus mutans and porphyromonas gingivalis, aren’t so good and are actually flat-out considered bad, cavity-causing bacteria

If you take great care of your oral health and brush and floss regularly, you may not have bad bacteria in your mouth, or at least not much of it

However, when you kiss someone who does have those bad bacteria, they can easily be transferred to your mouth