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All successful businesses should have ways of detecting vulnerabilities on their networks in order to stop potential cyber threats before the damage is done

This is particularly important for big businesses centered on lots of customers, applications, and sensitive data

It is critical to have a clear picture of how your website stands when it comes to security as well as to constantly search for its vulnerabilities

The good news is that there are enough top-notch web security scanners out there, and some of them are free of cost to boot

A web security scanner crawls through your systems, analyzes each segment of its security, and shares in-depth reports with you

Although ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus(opens in new tab) is a risk-driven threat and vulnerability detection software aimed at enterprises

OpenVAS(opens in new tab) is a full-featured, open-source, all-in-one vulnerability scanner with comprehensive scan coverage

Wireshark(opens in new tab) is a pretty popular network protocol analyzer among tech-savvy people and for good reasons