Have you ever heard the phrase “buy when others sell and sell when others buy”?

It’s a phrase used in the financial world and it refers to buying stocks, when the price is low, and selling when it’s high

So I became a top writer in under 2 months. I don’t know if that’s just the standard on here, but I choose to be proud anyways

The first thing I did was focus on 5 to 10 areas; Business, Money, Passive Income, Self-improvement, Personal growth, Entrepreneurship, etc.,

I wanted to be unique and provide real value, not just the “I want to get reads, so here is an article on another side hustle” kind of value

No, I wanted to look into side hustles, passive income streams, and business ideas and give them a unique twist

If you are on Medium for the money you are going to have a hard time because it will be hard for you to write articles without it shining through

And if there’s one thing I hate when reading it is when writers write for money instead of writing valuable content for one’s readers