When you fall into bed tonight, take a moment to thank your body for all the work it's about to do

That's right-the most passive part of your day is actually the busiest and most productive for your complexion

What's more, after an initial dip, your body temperature rises while you sleep, making skin more receptive to the active ingredients you put on top

Nighttime is the right time for retinol. The vitamin A derivative is the most-studied anti-aging ingredient, and has been proven to boost cell turnover

Enlist an alpha hydroxy acid, like glycolic acid, which dissolves the desmosomes (or "glue") that keep dead cells stuck to the skin's surface

Everyone's skin loses water at night, but if you're already prone to feeling parched, flood your face with extra moisture via an overnight treatment

Sensitive skin needs a special assist to bolster its barrier and ease irritation. Keep things simple with a fragrance-free night cream

Lips are quick to dry out, because they have fewer oil and sweat glands and protective layers than the rest of your face