MGM released the 25th installment of the James Bond franchise last October

It was a fitting end to Daniel Craig's tenure as the character. The film was one of the best films in the franchise, especially after the disappointing Spectre

Now, after almost a year passing since No Time To Die hit theaters and home media, the film has finally arrived on a streaming platform

Craig's final James Bond movie gives him the type of send-off that not many actors get in a role like this

During the final moments of No Time To Die, we see James Bond's final moment as he dies to protect his daughter

In a recent interview with Variety, the actor detailed how he doesn't like contracts and how he wanted his characters fate to be definite

"I'm going to tell a story here, whether or not anybody remembers it or agrees with it. But it was 2006," Craig told the trade

People liked the movie. And it looked like I was gonna get a chance to make at least another movie