Oil Prices Increase To $100 Per Barrel: A Major Setback For the US And World Economy Amidst Inflation

Recent Inflation Surge Brings US's Political Structure Under Limelight

Oil prices have reached a peak since 2014. The surge to $100 per barrel has left the global economy baffled. The US economy is likely to suffer as the price rise will halt the recovery and fuel inflation levels. The US Federal Reserve and other central banks worldwide struggle to contain the price hike. Business … Read more

Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson Warns Of Further Dip In Stock Prices

Mike Wilson, Chief US Equity Strategist, and CIO, warned investors against venturing into uncertain territories as he believes that the S&P 500 will likely decrease by 10% despite the recent surge. He cites Federal Reserve’s present actions as the primary factor behind the price fall. CNBC reports that Wall Street hasn’t witnessed such significant intraday … Read more