Mastercard Expanding Consultancy Services To Include NFTs, Cryptocurrency And Open Banking

Mastercard stated on Tuesday that it will enhance its consultancy services to assist businesses and institutions in better understanding the changing digital asset and financial landscape. To help with the new projects, the corporation plans to hire 500 college grads and young professionals. The company seeks to make it easier for banks and merchants to … Read more

Coinbase And TurboTax Partner To Offer Tax Refund Deposits That May Be Converted To Cryptocurrency

Coinbase and TurboTax have collaborated to allow Coinbase users to have their tax refunds directly transferred into Coinbase, where they may be instantly converted to cryptocurrency, reports “Customers will receive their full refund and can choose to save, invest, or spend it. Tax season can be stressful, but now there’s an easy way to … Read more

Americans Can Now Receive Tax Refunds In Crypto Through A Special Feature: Check Details

The new tax services named TurboTax and Coinbase will add a new dimension to the crypto market. Taxpayers can now get tax refunds in 100 cryptocurrencies. The advanced feature of these tax services will allow the users to cover their tax returns in the desired currency. The users need to sign up for TurboTax and … Read more

Experts: The Crypto Community’s World Appears To Be Coming To An End

The latest sell-off in the cryptocurrency market was a significant blow to investors, wiping nearly $1 trillion from the industry’s market capitalization, reports Oakland News. The devastation was so severe that large cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, lost up to half of their value since their peaks, while minor altcoins suffered even more. The … Read more

Bitcoin Booster Eric Adams Claims His First Crypto First Paycheck

Mr. Adams’ income will be turned into Bitcoin and Ethereum because he wants New York City to become the worldwide capital of cryptocurrencies, reports Business Insider. In November, Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, announced that he would take his first three paychecks in Bitcoin if he became mayor. To the extent that … Read more

Bitcoin Prices Rebound From 6-month Low After Buyers Step In

After plummeting to its lowest level in 6 months on fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine and ahead of this week’s Federal Reserve meeting, Bitcoin rose on the day on Monday as investors stepped in to buy the cryptocurrency, reports TheSunDaily. After falling to $32,951 on July 23, the largest cryptocurrency was recently up … Read more

Crypto Market Crashes Worth $1 Trillion; Coinbase Shares Drop

Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN), a cryptocurrency trading platform, has seen its shares plummet, with technology equities and cryptocurrencies losing more than (-23 percent) in January 2022. The renowned digital crypto trading software platform has exploded in popularity and value in tandem with the rise in cryptocurrency values, reports The word is associated with cryptocurrency markets, … Read more