Crypto Investment An Unpopular Choice Among Investment Advisors: Know The Reasons

The cryptocurrency investment is not the preferred option for around 68% of the fund selectors. The prime reason is the lack of transparency and significant security threats present in the network; the fund selectors advise customers about the investment schemes and help them find the best fit. CNBC reports that nearly 2 out 3 fund … Read more

The US Has Now Most Bitcoin Miners In The World

The recent crypto debacle in China deprived the market of many Bitcoin miners. China banned cryptocurrencies in June last year and influenced several small and large-scale companies. The mining process experienced a global slowdown. However, the US has been able to fill into China’s shoes with an increased number of Bitcoin miners. The recent surge … Read more

US Treasury Department Offers Leeway To Crypto Miners: Check Details

The US Treasury Department has prioritized user security through repriving miners of the IRS obligations and standard protocols; the Treasury Department issued a letter addressing this matter in the Senate. The letter expresses concern over the security risks associated with mining. The departments condemned the mishandling of users’ sensitive information. Coindesk reports that brokers gain … Read more