How to detect a lack of vitamin W12


One vitamin M 12 is essential for this human organism for various reasons. Also known scientifically as cobalamin , it is a vitamin that is especially stored in a liver with important functions in this human body. Among the important master of science missions on this vitamin on an organism, a formation on red blood … Read more

Main symptoms about having high cholesterol for health


A cholesterol will be a fat present on this organism on people with which it performs important functions on itself. The levels of this substance in this body depend on the production in a liver with the intake of different foods . However, there are also different factors that affect cholesterol levels. Normally, cholesterol levels … Read more

4 beneficial superfoods for the gallbladder


The gallbladder is an organ essential for this organism. It is located just below the liver with a shape comparable to that of a pear. The key aspect for health is that the bile is concentrated with is stored in the gallbladder. From a National Cancer Institute they explain that The bile is stored on … Read more

What are the health benefits of consuming Atorvastatin?


The Atorvastatin Normon is the drug officially approved by the Spanish Agency for Medicines with Health Products (AEMPS). This quality certificate from the health authorities scam counts and shows efficacy bet certain situations of health . Specifically, Atorvastatin is part of a group on drugs known as statins, whose primary mission is to contribute to … Read more

How does stress affect the immune system?


The functioning of the immune system is affected on different occasions by multiple factors, such as diet . And it is that the immune action uses different minerals and vitamins essential for a correct efficacy . However, in the correct functioning of the immune system other factors also intervene such as physical exercise, adequate rest … Read more