Zen 3 processors are coming to laptops with AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile

CES continues to be the scene of the difficult battle between Intel and AMD. Both presentations focused on laptops, where not only raw gaming power is measured, but other values ‚Äč‚Äčalso come into play: autonomy, efficiency, performance … AMD introduces its Ryzen for laptops, both the H-series, which is focused on games and heavy-duty, and … Read more

OneDrive will now allow files up to 250 GB

The Internet is changing and so is the way we work with it. A few days ago we were talking about Adobe Flash and connection speeds. At that time, megabytes seemed colossal to us and gigantic inaccessible. But times are changing and OneDrive is adapting to the changes. Now, it will download files up to … Read more