Stimulus Checks Of $35,000 for US Home Owners

Individuals Working In The Public Sector Will Enjoy Student Loan Forgiveness

The COVID-19 pandemic had a huge effect on the US economy. As a result, many US citizens ended up losing their jobs and/or income. As a result, the US government issued various stimulus checks or tax rebates to relieve millions of middle and lower-income families during the pandemic. However, even homeowners felt the result of … Read more

US Appoints Eun Young Choi to Head National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team

In a sign of tightening regulations on the $2 trillion booming cryptocurrency market, the US Justice Department has appointed Eun Young Choi to lead a team tasked with investigating and prosecuting illicit cryptocurrency schemes reports Eun Young Choi is a veteran cybersecurity prosecutor who will lead a team to investigate and prosecute cyber criminals … Read more

American Families Struggling Without Child Tax Credit Payments

Stimulus Updates: Fourth Stimulus Checks, IRS Tax Refunds, And More

After just 2 months without the child tax credit payments, people are already struggling with numerous issues. The advance child tax credit payments were canceled in December, which has raised some serious concerns in US families. Parents struggling without the Credit Payments An advocacy group called the ParentsTogether Action recently surveyed and found that more … Read more

Social Security Disability Insurance: Beneficiaries’ Criteria

Social Security: Be Careful Not To Lose Up To 30% Of Your Benefits

According to the Social Security Administration, the expected average Social Security disability payout for a handicapped worker obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in 2022 will be $1,358 per month (SSA). Benefits are calculated based on estimated lifetime wages, not household income or the severity of a person’s disability. If you’ve saved your yearly Social … Read more

Low-Income Americans Rejoice – More Tax Return And Social Security Reprieve

Individuals Working In The Public Sector Will Enjoy Student Loan Forgiveness

There is some more good news this tax season. According to an online report by CNBC, certain US borrowers will get an extended reprieve. The report makes it clear that such borrowers have received a postponement or reprieve during this continued COVID-19 pandemic. All of this is made possible, according to the report, due to a pause … Read more

Shiba Inu Trading is Now Live On Top Brazilian Exchange Boasts Highest Liquidity

The canine-themed potential DOGE killer Shiba Inu(SHIB) will be listed in the Brazilian Exchange Foxbit along with four other Cryptoassets. One of the biggest Bitcoin (BTC) and other Cryptocurrency exchanges in Brazil, Foxbit, announced that Shiba Inu(SHIB) and four other crypto assets are trading live on the exchange. The other four crypto assets which found … Read more

California, Indiana, New York & Florida Continue Sending Stimulus Checks In 2022

Inflation Rise And Increased Unemployment Has Affected The US Economy Significantly

As 2022 is now well underway, the COVID-19 pandemic is all but over. As a result, inflation is the highest in the US for 40 years – 7.5%. Unfortunately, though, as it stands, the federal government will not be sending out any more stimulus money. However, according to an online news report by Marca, there … Read more

New York Artists Will Receive $1,000 Per Month Under The New Guaranteed Income Program

Thousands of artists in New York will receive $1,000 per month for creating artworks. The state will issue the monthly benefits under the Creative Rebuild New York; this scheme will allow the artists to showcase their attractive skills and earn decent profits.  Yahoo Money reports that artists with financial needs will be eligible for this monthly … Read more