Mastercard’s Contactless Payments Now Account For Half Of The Worldwide Transactions

MasterCard’s recent earnings reports display an enormous rise in debit and credit spending. The majority of the transactions across international borders use contactless payments. reports that the new earnings per share have increased to $2.35, with the $5.2 billion revenue, a 27% increase. The reports suggest that the gross dollar volumes have witnessed a 23% … Read more

The United States Shut Down Huge Number Of Banks in 2021

The banking system in the United States has long been an important aspect of the country’s economy. Last year, though, a record number of branches shut their doors. Nearly 4,000 retail units were shut down in 2021, while 1,000 new ones opened. This takes the total number of branches shut down to 2,927. Growing Digitalization … Read more

Countering The Volatile Stock/Crypto Market To Maximize Your Retirement Savings

Many long-term investors put their money into stocks to earn significant profits during retirement. The stock market volatility is a substantial concern for thousands of working individuals. Investors who invested their money long before retirement can quickly build their portfolios. However, retired or soon-to-retire individuals may face hardship in earning profits through the stock exchange. … Read more

Credit Cards Are A Valuable Financial Tool: Know The Advantages

Credit cards can benefit users if used wisely. The credit card offers several lucrative benefits to the users to enhance their financial management; the cardholders receive frequent rewards for transactions and purchases and enjoy higher credit scores. Credit cards are highly effective during quick transactions and heavy purchases. Credit cards offer a grace period that … Read more

Virtual Meeting Among Lebanon And IMF To Kickstart The Next Week

Virtual Meeting Among Lebanon And IMF To Kickstart The Next Week

Lebanese officials will initiate their online conversation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) next week. The Lebanese government will decide upon the financial agreement with the IMF. The government asked for the IMF’s help to boost the finances to cope with the impending crisis. US News reports that IMF will issue $69 billion to aid … Read more

Relying On Credit Card Debt Causes Credit Balances To Spike

Financial challenges have dotted the year, and the inflation rate hitting the roof has made it worse for the consumers. Fox Business News reports that a study has shown an increased dependence on high-interest credit cards. This has resulted in the payment of high-interest debts which are actually eroding savings. The coronavirus variant also has … Read more

Credit Suisse: Fined $9 Million For Research Conflicts And Customer Protections In US

A US regulator fined Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN.S) a $9 million penalty on Thursday for breaking several laws and procedures aimed at protecting investors, including those relating to capable conflicts of interest and the protection of customers assets, reports Reuters. Between 2006 and 2017, the Swiss bank issued more than 20,000 research studies, according … Read more

Can Paying Off Your Mortgage Loan Early Save You Thousands Of Dollars?

Can Paying Off Your Mortgage Loan  Early Save You Thousands Of Dollars?

As the mortgage rates continue to rise in Texas, paying off your mortgage early can save thousands of dollars. How often one makes mortgage payments can make a sea of difference whatever the mortgage rate reports Experts warn that mortgage interest rates could surge by a whole percentage point this year. WFAA’s Jason Wheeler, … Read more