Cryptocurrency enters another uncharted territory – US mortgages


regulators and financial institutions are trying to strangle the growth of cryptocurrencies. However the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues unabated in the US. Crypto assets are being accepted in bars, businesses, automatic teller machines. In recent times a Miami financial tech company has been putting forth the idea of using crypto assets for mortgage loans reports … Read more

Cryptocurrency Market opens new employment opportunities


As cryptocurrency gets mainstream, the need for professionals in cryptocurrency and Blockchain is also surging, creating new employment opportunities reports According to a new Indeed Report, there has been a surge in employment opportunities in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. There has been a jump of 118% as of July 2021 compared to the previous years. … Read more

New BHUNT Password Stealer Malware Attacks Cryptocurrency Wallets

malware attack

When cryptocurrency burst into the scene, it was deemed hackproof and almost impossible to steal. However, fraudsters are finding new and ingenious methods to fleece the gullible with time. The latest type of fraud is a new mysterious crypto wallet stealer named BHUNT spotted in the wild, reports Bhunt is the newest addition to … Read more

Can Paying Off Your Mortgage Loan Early Save You Thousands Of Dollars?

Can Paying Off Your Mortgage Loan  Early Save You Thousands Of Dollars?

As the mortgage rates continue to rise in Texas, paying off your mortgage early can save thousands of dollars. How often one makes mortgage payments can make a sea of difference whatever the mortgage rate reports Experts warn that mortgage interest rates could surge by a whole percentage point this year. WFAA’s Jason Wheeler, … Read more

Social Security: How to get 100% Tax-Free Benefits on your Provisional Income? 

Tax Free Income

If a US Citizen receives Social Security benefits but has augmented his sources of income, it is essential to note that the expanded or provisional income can affect his taxes. However, many options can keep this income tax-free, as reported by  Provisional income comprises the sum of half your Social Security benefits, your tax-exempt interest … Read more