Ethereum Fees tank to the Lowest Rate in 4 Months, 71% Lower Than Transfer Fees in January

US Treasury Department To Decide Upon The Fate Of Crypto Transactions

Ethereum Transaction fees have been at their lowest levels in the last four months reports Statistics obtained on February 13, 2022, reveal the above phenomenon. In mid-September 2021, gas fees had hit such low levels, and today, average prices have dropped to roughly$15.13 per Transfer. Ethereum Fees Slide Lower Today transactions on the Ethereum … Read more

A Few Stimulus Checks Americans Can Still Receive

Democrats Are Still Hopeful About The Build Back Better: Manchin Says Otherwise

A fourth stimulus check seems unlikely at present. This might be because of several factors, the largest being that the unemployment rate is down. Furthermore, fears over the Omicron variant might have been overestimated. However, inflation is at its highest in 40 years – that is 7.5%. There is some good news though. There are … Read more

US Taxpayers Should Open A Roth IRA This Year: Know Its Benefits

Tax Free Income

Retirees need to have an account with multiple benefits to enjoy their post-retirement life. Roth IRA has several advantages over other accounts; it can enhance retirement savings and help retirees with additional expenses. However, retirees need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of a Roth IRA account. The Motley Fool reports that Roth IRAs are … Read more

Biden Administration Offers Free OTC Covid-19 Tests Provided By Medicare

People with Medicare Beneficiaries or Health Plan will be eligible for free COVID-19 evaluations starting in early spring as a component of the Biden-Harris Government’s continued efforts to improve Americans’ access to free testing. Medicare people will be required to have up to eight free COVID-19 tests every month as part of the new effort, … Read more

Stocks In The US Are Up For The Third Day In A Row

How To Counter The Volatile Stock Market To Maximize Your Retirement Savings

The Dow, S&P500, and Nasdaq index all managed to close the day higher on Tuesday, 01 February 2022, thanks to ongoing bargain hunting following a terrible January. Meanwhile, the ongoing climb was boosted by a strong reaction to recent earnings news. The Dow Jones Industrial Average index rose 273.38 points, or 0.78 percent, to 35,405.24 … Read more

Workers Did Not Receive Majority Of PPP Funds Worth Billions: Know The Details

US government-issued Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to boost workers’ finances after the closure of small businesses during the pandemic. The government-sanctioned billions in interest-free loans for small businesses to pay their employees during the pandemic was an immediate remedy to prevent a financial crisis. The Dallas Morning News reports that the National Bureau of Economic … Read more

Social Security Administration Offices Set To Reopen In March

The Social Security’s national network customer service offices, which were shut down over two years ago at the start of the pandemic, is expected to resume on March 30, as reported by The New York Times. The Administration of Social Security and labour unions that represent the agency’s employees reached an agreement this week to reopen … Read more

Even If You’ve Already Filed, This Trick Could Increase Your Social Security Benefit

Social Security

Even if you bring a sizable sum of money into retirement, it might not last as long as you anticipate. You’re likely to rely heavily on your Social Security income to cover your retirement costs. However, Social Security will give you a monthly income, Reports The Motly Fool for the rest of your life. But … Read more

Credit Suisse: Fined $9 Million For Research Conflicts And Customer Protections In US

A US regulator fined Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN.S) a $9 million penalty on Thursday for breaking several laws and procedures aimed at protecting investors, including those relating to capable conflicts of interest and the protection of customers assets, reports Reuters. Between 2006 and 2017, the Swiss bank issued more than 20,000 research studies, according … Read more

How To Calculate Your Social Security Benefits?

Social Security

Many people nearing retirement age in the United States have been contributing to their Social Security for decades, but determining how much the Social Security Administration (SSA) owes you can be difficult, reports You and your employer have likely contributed more than $200,000 to the system of Social Security over many years on your … Read more