Inflation Rise And Increased Unemployment Has Affected The US Economy Significantly

The new year arrived on a sad note for most Americans. The Federal government ceased the stimulus payments and the Child Tax Credit. Yet, millions of low-income families and individuals have received financial assistance for the last two years. The financial aid helped several families rise above poverty and raise their living standards. The families … Read more

The US Has Now Most Bitcoin Miners In The World

The recent crypto debacle in China deprived the market of many Bitcoin miners. China banned cryptocurrencies in June last year and influenced several small and large-scale companies. The mining process experienced a global slowdown. However, the US has been able to fill into China’s shoes with an increased number of Bitcoin miners. The recent surge … Read more

Oil Prices Increase To $100 Per Barrel: A Major Setback For the US And World Economy Amidst Inflation

Recent Inflation Surge Brings US's Political Structure Under Limelight

Oil prices have reached a peak since 2014. The surge to $100 per barrel has left the global economy baffled. The US economy is likely to suffer as the price rise will halt the recovery and fuel inflation levels. The US Federal Reserve and other central banks worldwide struggle to contain the price hike. Business … Read more

Mortgage Rates Skyrocket As Inflation Hits High: Know The Updates

The mortgages rates have climbed up recently, and the housing market is under fire. The new and veteran homebuyers face unique challenges in buying new homes. The mortgage rates are at a 30-year high of 4.386%. Homebuyers need a higher credit score to secure home loans with 20% down payments. The borrowers need to manage … Read more

US Treasury Department Offers Leeway To Crypto Miners: Check Details

The US Treasury Department has prioritized user security through repriving miners of the IRS obligations and standard protocols; the Treasury Department issued a letter addressing this matter in the Senate. The letter expresses concern over the security risks associated with mining. The departments condemned the mishandling of users’ sensitive information. Coindesk reports that brokers gain … Read more

US Drivers Suffer Due To Increasing Car Insurance Rates: Check Details

The pandemic forced car insurance providers to offer discounts worth billions to customers. The insurance companies have now decided to increase their insurance costs as they start to retain normalcy. The insurance holders will face several difficulties after the discounts subside. Yahoo Money reports that Progressive Corp’s subsidiaries received permission to increase insurance rates in … Read more

Student Loan Borrowers Can Manage Their Debts Using The Income-driven Repayment Plan: Check Details.

Millions of student loan borrowers across the US will face difficulties in debt management. The increasing everyday expenses restrict their savings, and they have to eliminate essential services to repay the debts. However, borrowers can avail the benefits of the Income-driven repayment plan to receive valuable help regarding loan debt management. The borrowers can receive … Read more

Democrats Are Still Hopeful About The Build Back Better: Manchin Says Otherwise

Democratic lawmakers still have a ray of hope regarding the Build Back Better. The program allows an extended child tax credit for US citizens; the politicians believe that the approval of the Build Back Better bill is possible even after all-out opposition from Sen. Joe Manchin. President Biden introduced the Build Back Better Act in … Read more

Americans Can Now Receive Tax Refunds In Crypto Through A Special Feature: Check Details

The new tax services named TurboTax and Coinbase will add a new dimension to the crypto market. Taxpayers can now get tax refunds in 100 cryptocurrencies. The advanced feature of these tax services will allow the users to cover their tax returns in the desired currency. The users need to sign up for TurboTax and … Read more

Expert Tips To Multiply Your Investment Ten Times

Several individuals prefer sound investment strategies to enhance their money manifold. People can turn their $1,000 into 10,000 through adopting intelligent investment plans. However, a ten-fold increase takes more than a few days or weeks. Individuals need to opt for a fair and reliable path to optimize their savings over time. GO BankingRates reports such … Read more