Cilian Murphy: Star of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer win best actor award at the 21st annual IFTAs

Cillian Murphy continues to shine in the spotlight, earning another award to his strong resume for his outstanding performance in ‘Oppenheimer’. Following his wins at the BAFTA and Oscars earlier this year, Murphy won Best Actor at the 21st Irish Film and TV Academy Awards, according to Variety.

Cilian Murphy at the Dublin Royal Conference

Murphy accepted the prize from Lily Gladstone, a recent Oscar contender, at the Dublin Royal Conference Centre, which is located close to Dublin Castle. “I’m grateful. Well, proceed. Now take a seat. At the podium, the renowned non-demonstrative actor declared, “I’m still so brutal at this.”

Cilian Murphy
Source: Vulture

Oppenheimer became an enormous smash because of its compelling narrative, director, cinematography, music, and acting. Additionally, Cillian and RDJ went on to win other significant honors this year, including Oscars. The actors from Batman Begins, however, are still receiving honors.

During the 21st Irish Film and TV Academy Awards, Cillian Murphy was just given the Best Lead Actor award for Oppenheimer. Feeling content, the Irish actor spoke tenderly about feeling like “home.” “Being in this room is so special—being at home, with people that I love and admire among my fellow nominees and some of my favorite people,” Cillian remarked in his remarks, as Variety noted.

IFTA 2024 film awards

  • Best film: That They May Face the Rising Sun.
  • Director: Lisa Mulcahy, Lies We Tell.
  • Script: Elisabeth Gooch, Lies We Tell.
  • Lead actor: Cillian Murphy, Oppenheimer
  • Lead actress: Agnes O’Casey, Lies We Tell
  • Supporting actor: Paul Mescal, All of Us Strangers.
  • Supporting actress – Alison Oliver, Saltburn
  • Best foreign picture – Oppenheimer.
  • Best International Actor: Paul Giamatti, The Holdovers.
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