United States has vetoed on a Palestinian bid for full U.N. membership

On Thursday, the United States used its veto to block the Palestinian bid for full UN membership, underscoring the country’s isolation over its support for Israel’s war in Gaza.

The 15-member council will vote on a draft resolution recommending to the 193-member U.N. General Assembly that “the State of Palestine be admitted to membership in the United Nations,” diplomats said.

Palestine request for full UN membership

The United Nations Security Council decided on whether to recommend Palestine’s bid for full membership. The vote was merely one step on the path to full admission.

Assuming no veto from any of the Security Council’s five permanent members — China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, or the United States — the resolution would pass with nine votes in favor.

If the resolution passed, it would have moved to the General Assembly, where it must win a two-thirds majority of the 193 voting members.

What U.S. representative saying?

The United States has stated that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state should take place through direct discussions between Israel and the Palestinians, rather than at the UN.

Vedant Patel, a State Department deputy spokeswoman, stated earlier Thursday that the United States would vote no on the proposed resolution and that there was not unanimous agreement on the council that the membership criteria had been reached.

United States has vetoed on a Palestinian
Source: he Times of Israel

He went on to say that if the resolution succeeded, the Biden administration would be forced to defund the UN, something they do not want to do.

What Palestine representative were saying?

The Palestinian Authority, headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, exercises limited self-rule in the West Bank. Hamas ousted the Palestinian Authority from power in Gaza in 2007.
Abu Amr said full Palestinian U.N. membership was not an alternative for serious political negotiations to implement a two-state solution and resolve pending issues, adding: “However, this resolution will grant hope to the Palestinian people hope for a decent life within an independent state.”

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