Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has qualified for Michigan ballot

Battleground state of Michigan has granted a spot on the ballot to independent presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He has a greater chance of influencing the election in November after state officials verified this on Thursday.

Kennedy was eligible to run for office after receiving the party’s nomination and submitting the required paperwork, a representative for the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office verified to the Free Press.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Source: CNN

Kennedy is the most well-known candidate for the Natural Law cause since Ralph Nader in 2008, and Michigan is the most notable state in which he has appeared on the ballot.

Kennedy ballot access

Since January, when it established the We the People party to be on the California ballot prior to the Super Tuesday primary election on March 5, the Kennedy 24 campaign has been attempting to obtain ballot access. Since then, enough signatures have been gathered for the Kennedy-Shanahan ticket to appear on the ballots of Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. He already has access to the We the People party ballot in Utah.

Kennedy, 70, announced his intention to run as an Independent in October of last year, claiming the two-party system was “corrupt” and “rigged.” He had originally intended to seek for the Democratic party presidential nomination in April 2023.

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