James Bond 26: Henry Cavill stepping into the iconic role of 007

Henry Cavill Henry Cavill talks about the possibility that he might follow in James Bond’s footsteps. Bond is now a mainstay of the action cinema landscape, based on the character established by Ian Fleming. Daniel Craig finally performed the part in 2006, after a few other actors had tried their hand at it. The saga will finally come to a conclusion with the moving No Time To Die in 2021. Although there haven’t been many formal pronouncements about his replacement since then, Cavill has long been a popular candidate.

In a recent interview to promote his new Guy Ritchie project, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, Cavill was asked if he thought there was any chance he might be replacing Daniel Craig in the recently announced Bond 26.

Notably, Cavill does not rule out the possibility and discusses how Fleming’s invention of 007 was influenced by his real-life Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare figure.

Henry Cavill
Source: People

Is Henry Cavil fit for the role?

James Bond is one of the most popular fictional characters of all time and every aspiring actor would dream to play a role as big a character. Although Cavill ultimately didn’t get the part, the audition process itself had a ripple effect that is being felt even after nearly two decades.

Henry Cavill has the charm and skill necessary to embody James Bond. Nevertheless, Vaughn disclosed that age was the decisive factor between him and Daniel Craig when he was ultimately passed over for the role.

In the SiriusXM interview, Vaughn disclosed that the directors had given Cavill the preference over Craig. But Barbara Brocolli thought Cavill was too young to play a character as serious as 007.

Aaron Taylor Johnson is expected to be the next James Bond, however this hasn’t been formally confirmed as of yet.

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