Tucson couple accused of assaulting a state worker and kidnapping their own children

The couple from Tucson who were found guilty of sexual offences and suspected of robbing their kids in 2018 have been placed under arrest.

On April 5, 2024, Luis Alberto Herrera Ramirez and Andrea Vanessa Ramirez were taken into custody in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Missing children were found

According to the Marshals Service, the kids were found and taken to Arizona in good condition. There, they will be placed under the custody of the Department of Child Safety until their families can find them again. Until they return to Pima County, the pair will be detained in Mexico.

Luis Herrera-Ramirez and Andrea “Vanessa” Ramirez visited Silverlake Park on May 4, 2018, for a DCS worker and child-supervised visitation.

Tucson couple accused
Source: KOLD

Both parents were on bond at the time of the incident following their indictment on multiple counts of child abuse with a firearm and sexual exploitation of a minor.

These accusations led to the state taking custody of their children, who had been taken from their parents.

The Ramirezs attacked an employee of the Arizona Department of Child Safety with a taser device during the court-ordered visitation at a nearby park in Tucson, tying her to a tree, and then taking off with their children.

The Pima County Superior Court found Herrera-Ramirez and Ramirez guilty in absentia on May 3, 2019, of the accused offenses, which included kidnapping, aggravated assault, sexual exploitation of minors, manufacturing of child pornography, and unlawful flight to evade prosecution.

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