UN Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin says there is ‘no evidence’ of Israel’s genocide

On Tuesday, April 9, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin denied allegations that Israel committed genocide in Gaza. According to an ANI report, Austin made these comments while testifying before the US Senate Armed Services Committee over President Joe Biden’s most recent budget request.

Austin disputed claims made by Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, who had posted a video on social media and claimed that the International Court of Justice should find Israel guilty of genocide because of “ample evidence,” saying, “We don’t have any evidence of genocide being created,” as quoted by ANI.

Austin’s remarks coincide with mounting pressure on Democrats and the Biden administration on US involvement in the conflict.

Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin
Sorce: CNBC

Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi, the top Republican on the panel, put pressure on Austin, who declined to term the Hamas strikes against Israel on October 7 a genocide but described it as a “horrific terrorist attack” and stated that they “certainly is a war crime.”

Austin spoke in favor of a foreign aid package that would allow Israel, Ukraine, and its allies in the Pacific to receive billions in military funding; but, the bill is stuck in the House. Simultaneously, the head of the Pentagon emphasized initiatives to release humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

Austin responded, “Food and medicine shortages will accelerate violence and ensure a long-term conflict because the Palestinian people will have been disadvantaged to such a great extent,” in response to Kaine’s question regarding the matter. This need not take place.

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