Kevin Costner’s Horizon: An American Saga will be showcased during the Cannes Film Festival.

Kevin Costner, an American actor and director, will return to the Cannes Film Festival after a 20-year absence. Horizon: An American Saga, the first installment of his four-episode epic Western, will premiere in the Out-Of-Competition category at the 77th Festival.

The actor appears in it alongside Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, and Jena Malone. Costner is well-known in India for his films Yellowstone and Dances With Wolves.

What Kevin Costner said?

“When I think of the promise of America, there was one out here, if you could go. “If you were tough enough, mean enough, resourceful enough, and lucky enough, you could take whatever you wanted in America,” Costner remarked of the appeal of the American West. “That pledge implied that we would step on an entire community of people who had lived here for thousands of years. However, this is exactly what happened in America. I don’t pass judgment because I don’t want to underestimate people’s resourcefulness.”

Kevin Costner's Horizon
Source: Hindustan Times

About “Horizon, An American Saga”

“‘Horizon, An American Saga’ is a story that began 35 years ago, and I can’t think of a finer setting than Cannes to show the world the outcome of such a fantastic trip. The French have always supported and believed strongly in filmmaking. “Just as I believe strongly in my film,” the 69-year-old actor said in a statement.

According to the festival press release, “Horizon, An American Saga” is a “monumental project about the cost, in terms of war and violence, of the construction and expansion of the United States of America”.
Warner Bros. will distribute the first two “Horizon” films on June 28 and August 16.

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