‘The Bride!’ First Look: Christian Bale becomes Frankenstein’s Monster in this Flim

The Bridge, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s sophomore film, has released its first look photos. One of the photos has Christian Bale as the Frankenstein’s monster. Actor Jessie Buckley plays the Frankenstein’s wife in the pictures as well.

Gyllenhaal posted the first look photos to Instagram.

The new movie, which is set in 1930s Chicago, twists the well-known Frankenstein mythology. Resurrected, Buckley’s murdered young lady amazes her makers with her passionate desire for romance and her ability to spark a major social movement.

Annette Bening, Peter Sarsgaard, and Penelope Cruz are starring beside Bale and Buckley. Joker cinematographer Lawrence Sher is among the film’s crew members.

What’s that story behind “The Bride”?

The movie’s logline is as follows: Bale as a lonely Frankenstein visits Chicago in the 1930s in order to ask Dr. Euphronius for help in constructing a companion for himself. A young woman who was slain is given new life by the two, and Buckley’s bride is born. She is more than either of them anticipated, sparking a volatile romance, drawing the interest of law enforcement, and a frenzied and extreme social movement.

The Bride!’ First Look
Source: Variety

When will ‘The Bride!’ be in theaters?

Gyllenhaal’s second directing project, The Bride, is scheduled for theater release in October 2025. The Lost Daughter, her debut book, was published in 2021.

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